Prepare for success in Extemp


Prepare for success in Extemp

Auto-Filed Articles

Prepd’s News Feed automatically retrieves 150,000+ articles from over 50 different news sources. Since articles in the News Feed can then be saved to any Prepd application, the News Feed helps teams quickly file and fills research gaps. It also helps level the playing field, so smaller extemp clubs can compete against larger programs. Learn more about the News Feed by reading this blog post.


Gather Evidence

When you save evidence to the Library, you have the option to add the file to Extemp as well. Click on the Extemp icon in the Fast Catch Chrome extension or the PDF uploader to save the file to Extemp folders and sub-folders. Extemp keeps all your evidence organized.

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Manage Folders

Extemp makes it easy to manage your filing system. Create categories to group folders according to a common theme (e.g., US Economy, Presidential Race, Asia, etc.). Easily create, edit, merge, and delete folders and sub-folders to keep your filing system clean and easy to use.

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Create a Round

While competing, create a Round to keep yourself focused and organized. When you find an article you want to cite, simply select the “+” button next to the article to add it to your round. In one view, you will see your topic question, a timer, and all the articles and sources you need to prep your speech.

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Practice Questions

Now available! Prepd has partnered with ExtempCentral.com to offer free, in-app practice questions: select a difficulty level and topic area and then hit “Draw!” You’ll be presented with three questions that match your criteria. Students submit questions to Prepd. ExtempCentral.com moderates and manages the questions.


“A couple months ago I started using Prepd Extemp as a way to prepare myself for tournaments offered by my homeschool forensics league, Stoa. Extemporaneous was a completely brand-new event for me, so I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to be prepared for it. Prepd Extemp has helped me gain a large amount of confidence on that score. It’s given me ways to fully explore and understand the articles I caught, which resulted in better analysis and head knowledge that I could easily pull out in my rounds.(I found the ‘Mark as Read’ part of the Extemp App particularly helpful.) I am especially thankful for the role that Prepd played in helping me gain a 4th Place Extemporaneous at my very first tournament participating in Extemp! For anyone looking for a resource to help with Extemporaneous, I would heartily recommend Prepd Extemp.“



Ethos Extemp

“Coming from an international background, it was obvious how international extemporaneous speaking was my area of expertise. With Prepd, I was able to organize the entire world into an online file, and search for articles with simply the click of a button. Prepd has made the world of extemp so much easier for me and my teammates, from being able to file in seconds, to being able to find the same file through simply searching one word was absolutely amazing. From economic issues in Iran to European elections and African fishing habits, Prepd has made all of these international issues and topics much easier to sort out and organize. My freshmen year, there were 5 people on the team, and our coach was brand new. With her help and her introducing Prepd to us, the team has greatly expanded and being an extemper has never been easier. Through Prepd, I can file hundreds of files and still be completely able to keep track of them all.



Palisade High School

“My team is only a few years old, yet we have managed to be extremely competitive on the local, state, and national level. I can honestly say it has been thanks to Prepd. As Captain of my Extemp team, I can easily manage who adds articles in a certain week, thanks to the Library App, and who I need to work with given their activity. Functions as simple as the ability to highlight important information has made competing at tournaments so much easier because everything I need is readily available. I can’t think of any other filing method that is more efficient than Prepd.“



Achievement First Brooklyn HS

“Prepd for Extemporaneous Speaking has made the overall process of researching current events, of which there are always many, easier to do. Because of how fast Prepd can file articles, there is more time, even in the last few minutes before a round, to actually read and understand what those current events are. The search function makes it easy to find a relevant article quickly during the crucial minutes of prep time. The overall layout of Prepd is user friendly and helpful to any speaker.



Ruston High School

Save and read articles on the go

With Prepd’s mobile app, you can save articles with a single click. Open the app to save articles to Extemp folders and Congress bills. Browse and search through your feed. Read any article on the go. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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