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About Us

Our Mission

Prepd’s mission is to build an innovative technology platform for competitive speech and debate. Prepd’s applications help debaters research, practice, and compete. For coaches, Prepd makes it easy to manage and monitor their team.

Prepd’s applications – Extemp, Congress, the Dashboard, and the Library – are feature rich, beautifully designed, and absolutely reliable. With the help of students and coaches, Prepd will build the ultimate technology for speech and debate.

Meet the Team


Ian Panchèvre – Founder and President

Ian Panchèvre is the founder of Prepd. While on an extended leave of absence from Yale, Ian founded and ran three different technology companies. In high school, Ian’s favorite speech and debate event was Extemp. During Ian’s senior year, he placed first at St. Marks, The Glenbrooks, and The University of Texas. In 2015, Ian graduated from Yale with a B.A. in Political Science. He was recently admitted to Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Madalin – Programmer

Madalin is an alien programmer who came to earth just to develop software and interesting applications. After crash landing in Romania, he studied the human ways of coding and creating software at the University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi.

Mysterious Ninja Coder

We have a talented – but elusive – programmer who is so good at what he does, we couldn’t even take a picture of him. We tried so many times to share his name and bio, but his scripts outpowered us. We’ve since decided to stop trying to reveal the identity of our mysterious code ninja.

Andrei – Designer

Andrei is a creative artist and designer. In college, he studied graphic design and illustration. Andrei loves designing web interfaces and is passionate about improving user experience. Andrei has worked on a number of freelance projects prior to joining the Prepd team.

Raluca – Support and Q&A

Raluca is the “user friendly” interface for customer support and marketing, she will make sure that you are satisfied and can freely use our products. This computer science student knows that, sometimes, our developers fall in love with their applications and forget to catch some of the butterflies (or, as they are called, nasty bugs) so she makes sure they are bagged, tagged and sent back to be taken care of.

Catalin – Programmer

Catalin is a persistent guerrilla warrior who is driven to smash, blow up and destroy every “bug” that heencounters on the programming battlefield. He uses only the latest technologies to obliterate nastybugs that otherwise threaten to break Prepd. Catalin learned how to combat bugs with courage at amilitary base in Iasi, Romania, the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza.