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“With Prepd our team gained the ability to better “see and manage” our files. We know exactly who is filing, when they are filing and we can track progress in building effective files. Coaches also get tools which make them more effective in encouraging students to file. Compared to our former dropbox system, Prepd is easy, fast and efficient!“


Director of Forensics, Battle Ground Academy

“Prepd has been an amazing resource for our team. Our physical International Extemp bins were lost right before our 2014 District Tournament, giving us only two weeks to recreate years of work.With limited time, we subscribed to Prepd, caught over 3,000 articles, and have never looked back. A few weeks later, three of our competitors were IX finalists, and one qualified for the National Tournament.The same student also qualified in 2015.“


Debate Coach, Santa Fe Preparatory School

“Our debate program had been looking for alternatives to research, store, and access current event materials, and then we discovered Prepd. From accessing information for practice rounds or tournaments, to making it easier for me (as a teacher/coach) to track research for grading purposes, to assisting students looking for research material for non-debate classes and assignments, Prepd has been an amazing tool. It’s great for extemp, Congressional Debate, and even oratory research. And I love that the saved articles are void of annoying advertisements and irrelevant (for debate purposes, at least) photographs. Plus, it has saved countless trees and tons of toner. All of my debate students are mandated to register with Prepd, and I have no qualms about making such a requirement for them.“


Debate Coach, Wellington High School

“I am very impressed with Prepd. The app addresses several issues associated with building and maintaining a competitive extemp digital filing system. The software provides a convenient and intuitive manner for researching articles and organizing files so students can focus more time on giving speeches. The data tracking aspect of the software also provides coaches with better insight for preparing their students for competition. This is a great tool for any extemp program looking for a better way to manage its files.“


Coordinator, Fine Arts North East ISD

“Prepd is a revolutionary program for the successful Extemper. It is the perfect filing, storing and prepping solution for squads trying to “go digital,” and away from the old heavy Extemp tubs full of paper articles and folders. The Prepd founders are mindful of the evidence rules for every speech competition organization, from TFA to UIL to NSDA, which was my main concern. Some favorite features my team enjoys are the “add article to round,” which filters out all of the other articles except the ones you want to use in your round, the highlight feature, the favorites feature, the add topic feature, so you can see your topic clearly as you prep, and the countdown timer. It is clear that Prepd was started by a former Extemper, because everything on an extemper’s wish list is in this program. I highly recommend Prepd for you and your squad!“


Debate Coach, Centennial High School

As the coach of a small, young extemp squad, Prepd’s user friendly system makes our lives easier. Before Prepd, getting our students to file more than thirty articles a week proved difficult. That number has tripled this year. At tournaments, our competitors rarely complain about responding to topics with limited sources, and their speeches improved with their willingness to file. Furthermore, Raluca and company respond to our questions with speedy precision. I could not recommend their product or their team more.


Debate Coach, Chaparral Star Academy

Thank you Prepd for making Extemp so easy. Our small club has been able to catch hundreds of articles. This made us well prepared for each tournament. Prepd is easy to use and a great value. I highly recommend it to any club who wants to be successful.

Vanessa de la Peña

Head Speech Coach for C4 Forensics, Fairfax, VA

Our squad loved using Prepd this year! Catching articles was quick and seamless. We were able to do more research much more quickly. I could actually focus on coaching because the Prepd report tools made the administrative side so simple. The students loved the offline tool and had no trouble synching or accessing research at tournaments.


Debate Coach, Olathe South

Prepd is the best program that I’ve used for managing a large squad. It makes grading a breeze. I especially love the analytics that allow our team to have transparency and accountability – everyone can see who files articles, I can set individual and team goals, and kids can thank their teammates who filed articles that helped them do well in competition.


Debate Coach

“Prepd is, without a doubt, the best resource that I’ve ever used as a speech and debate coach. The ability for students to file articles and share them with others is unmatched. I have seen my students’ confidence in extemp skyrocket since we started using Prepd 3 years ago. The easy ability to capture articles, research speeches, and organize thoughts that Prepd allows has done more for the growth and development of my students than anything I could ever imagine.

Also, the customer service I’ve received from Prepd is unmatched in any resource I’ve ever seen. Anytime I’ve had a question I’ve been able to email their help service and Ian, Raluca, and company have always responded within a couple of hours (at most). In fact, a couple of years ago something went wrong with our account before a major national tournament and Ian called me and walked me through how to resolve the issue!

I have recommended Prepd to every coach who’s ever asked me about how to improve their students’ extemp preparation and I will continue to do so.

Thank you, Prepd team!“



Director of Debate and Speech Activities, Norman High School

Our team was looking for more efficient method of collecting, storing and using extemp resources when we luckily happened on Prepd. The two extempers who qualified for Nationals were almost immediately taken with Prep’s methods and protocols and when a student reacts that way you can be sure they will be so much better prepared. With only two months of work on Prepd, they managed to finish in the top 60 which was a major improvement over previous years. We believe our extempers have a brighter future.


Extemp and Debate Coach, Sayre Area High School

Prepd is an amazing software that is written by debaters for debaters. Finally, someone really gets what we need. As a coach, this is by far the most time saving application I have ever encountered. All of your extemp files, congress research, and debate cases are in one application and your team members can see each other’s work. The “fast catch” Chrome extension provides the simplest way to do research I have ever encountered. It only takes a few seconds to put an article in your team’s storage. Of course, Prepd works offline. One of the most amazing parts is each Monday morning, you get a report of who dropped how many files. It tells you if someone on your team has already dropped a file and gives ideas about topics you need to research. I have worked with tons of software that attempted this, but never one that actually fulfills the dream we all have. The people who run the company are also incredibly friendly and customer service minded and seem to be the perfect match of research, coaches and debaters. If you are not using Prepd, you need to switch. I am spoiled and could not go back.


Speech and Debate Coach, Trimble Tech

“Prepd was an indispensable tool in my last few years of competition. As the manager of my team’s files, it’s data tracking allowed me to easily monitor my teammates’ activity. When building a file, I was never worried about overcrowding or disorganization, a concern that frequently came up before my team used Prepd software. In major tournaments, Prepd’s Article Catcher allowed me to swiftly and easily update my files in between rounds to prepare for the next topic area. Perhaps most importantly, Prepd’s in round search mechanism and “add article to round” features made it simple to sort through massive amounts of information and access the most topical and specific pieces of evidence. Overall, I would recommend Prepd to any competitive Extemper. “
Micah Cash


National Champion in USX at NSDA Nationals 2016, Tulsa Washington HS

“As a person who always strives to be organized and efficient, Prepd provides the best of both worlds. Over the last few years competing in extemp, I’ve been consistently impressed by how effective Prepd as a software has been at keeping my files in an organized, easy-to-access place both in and out of draw. Unique features that I’ve found particularly useful include the Prepd article catcher, which helps me file articles in a more streamlined fashion than Dropbox or Google Drive, and the ability to “add” articles to a given round, which allows me to keep track of all the articles I plan on using in my speech. As a rising junior and a speaker with experience at the local, state, and national level, I would definitely recommend Prepd to all extempers.”
Nikhil Ramaswamy


6th place finisher in IX at NSDA Nationals, Jasper HS

“Prepd is a great system which has allowed me to further my efficiency in the prep room. Things like dropbox are extremely hard to navigate and not too terribly engaging. However Prepd is an intuitive program which allows me to be better prepared to speak. After you draw, you type in your question and it appears on your computer all throughout the speech along with a timer. Also, you can save specific articles that you are using, which makes it really easy to go back and find it if needed. Also, filing on Prepd is great because you can save the article in multiple folders which is extremely helpful. The Prepd staff also responds very quickly to any snafus with the system. They were even at the NSDA National Tournament in person to deal with those problems. In short, I am glad my team made the switch and I have yet to see a better system.“


Student, Battle Ground Academy

“Yesterday I got out of the awards ceremony at the 2016 NCFCA Omaha Qualifier with first place out of eight. Now it’s on to the Regional Championship to seek one of the two slots to Nationals. The NCFCA has a simple three-tier approach. Oh, and I did use Prepd! That helped me to get a huge edge over the competition in a few ways. News feed helped me as a lone wolf Extemper to have just as much same-day and yesterday information as my club counterparts. The file organization function and search features help immensely for ease of access, which is all important since the NCFCA only gives us 20 minutes of prep time! The new practice questions feature allows me to practice on my own, which is an opportunity other competitors don’t have. Anyway, thanks for your program!“


Individual Debater

“Prepd provided my team with a great way to collect and view articles on the fly. Using Prepd in round is great because it cleans up all the clutter and presents just what I need to see. Having Prepd really made managing extemp files much easier. Being able to track my article catching activity gave me a new incentive to pull files: pulling more today than yesterday. Overall, using Prepd was a great experience that made doing extemp easier and more manageable.“


Student, Saint James School in Montgomery

“The reason that Prepd is so great for National Speech and Debate Association’s competitors is that it is more than just a tool. This program is a catalyst for the unification of a team through knowledge and a cooperative desire to help other succeed. As a competitor in Foreign Extemp, I found myself being desperately committed to collecting articles to a substantial degree. Not only was this in hopes that I could gain the highest number of items than everyone else on the team, but it was also so that I could gain further expertise on certain regions of the globe and so that members of my team could use the items I gained for their own developing expertise. In the end, both goals were achieved: I was as well-rounded as I wanted to be and my team members were inspired to be the same way. All in all, Prepd should not be simply used as a tool for Extemp or any other events, it should also be used to do what it does exceptionally well: Help a growing team become even stronger.”


Student, Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“Any debate team that is not currently using prepd is missing out.This year was our team’s first year using prepd. Before prepd catching articles was much more difficult, took a much longer amount of time, the articles were of less quality, and because it was so difficult there were less articles caught overall. Prepd fixes all of these issues. It is much more easy to organize, a lot faster, has many helpful tools, and makes the in-round process much easier. I believe that prepd is a must have for any debate team.”


Student, Salado High School

“Prepd has completely revolutionized my team’s extemp. Before our team switched to Prepd, we used flashdrives, which weren’t very well organized nor easy to access, and Prepd has completely changed that dynamic. Even the act of filing was redefined by the use of Prepd. Originally, filing was an ordeal, but with Prepd, filing was transformed from simple chore to fun competition. The idea that one could capture a long article with just the click of a button irrevocably changed my extemp experience forever. In addition to how easy it became to file articles, access was completely streamlined thanks to the excellent organization and tools that Prepd offers. I cannot emphasize enough how easy it became for me to organize information and write speeches. Overall, Prepd is the most effective tool for filing I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.”



After trying out many different filing options, my team finally decided upon Prepd, and we never looked back! Prepd’s ability to condense the file-size of each article means that we never have to worry about running short on hard drive space, which is a huge benefit when compared to other popular filing methods. In my opinion though, the best feature is that the Prepd Dashboard keeps track of each team member’s article count, making it easy to keep track of everyone’s progress. I can wholeheartedly say that Prepd has improved my extemp workflow, and it has contributed to my competitive success.



“Prepd was an essential tool in helping me succeed in Extemp. I only started doing Extemp my junior year and Prepd helped me kick start that experience. Cutting and highlighting articles was extremely easy and the categorizing features were amazing. But the best part of it was the offline app. The app seamlessly put the articles together in a very intuitive user interface that was quick and easy to use. Extemp would not have been as great without Prepd.”


Student, Leland High School

“Prepd is an enormously helpful software in extemp. With the ability to categorize articles seamlessly, Prepd makes the perfect extemp tool. Prepd makes any article or specific piece of evidence easy to find with their search bar. It organizes data by recency, which is helpful when it comes to finding the best articles to cite. I would most definitely recommend Prepd to any extemper!”



“This previous school year, was my first experience with speech and debate. I had no idea what to do/what I was doing, but picked up on the concept fairly quickly because of the Prepd program. I competed in Domestic Extemp this past year, and Prepd’s easy organizational system and quick retrieval process really helped me to plan out all of my speeches in a timely manner. Without Prepd, and access to pre-saved files, my speeches and successes this year would have suffered greatly. It’s important for extempers to have a fast and reliable program that they are able to retrieve their information from, and Prepd offers them just that. I never had any problems with this program, and hope to continue using it throughout the remainder of my speech and debate career. All in all, Prepd is an awesome program, and I highly recommend it to any debate program!”

Anna Charlotte

Student, Snyder High School, TX

“Before our team switched to Prepd I can remember all sorts of complications with flash drives, misplaced files, and overloaded storage space; none of that happened with prepd. Prepd has made the extemp process run smoothly both in rounds and outside of them. It offers a more convenient method of uploading articles and accessing the articles found by other teammates on and offline. Just having the highlighter tool encouraged me to use it and consequently be more prepared for my rounds. Overall, this program has been useful to my improvement as an extemper.”


Student, Melissa High School

“I am a rising junior in high school with two years of extemporaneous speaking experience. I have dedicated hours each week to improve my skills and it has paid off. I qualified for and attended nationals this past year, but I couldn’t have done it without my trusty file. My school had a physical file my freshman year which was fine, but didn’t allow for the breadth and depth of an expansive file. Though my coach tends to prefer the more traditional methods of filing he saw the great benefits of Prepd and had our team switch over last year. It has made filing more efficient and has allowed me to reorganize and look through the file at home. I can find myself filing articles in between homework assignments and filing them right at the moment instead of saving them and waiting to print unit the next day at school. Thank you for giving me the ability to update my file over the summer and strengthen my skills not only as an extemper, but also as connected individual in this world through current events.”



“Prepd has given me a quick and easy way to organize and store files. It is my best friend whenever it comes to extemp. I use it constantly because of how amazing and efficient it is! “


Student, Princeton High School

“A couple months ago I started using Prepd Extemp as a way to prepare myself for tournaments offered by my homeschool forensics league, Stoa. Extemporaneous was a completely brand-new event for me, so I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to be prepared for it. Prepd Extemp has helped me gain a large amount of confidence on that score. It’s given me ways to fully explore and understand the articles I caught, which resulted in better analysis and head knowledge that I could easily pull out in my rounds.(I found the ‘Mark as Read’ part of the Extemp App particularly helpful.) I especially thankful for the role that Prepd played in helping me gain a 4th Place Extemporaneous at my very first tournament participating in Extemp! For anyone looking for a resource to help with Extemporaneous, I would heartily recommend Prepd Extemp.”


Student, Ethos Extemp

“This app has truly helped me organize my articles. I don’t know what I would have done without it. “


Student, Concord Community High School

“Prepd has allowed our team to expand its article base exponentially. Having an application that is specifically made and tailored to file speech articles has made it so much easier and faster to prepare for tournaments. I’m extremely grateful Prepd.”


Student, Moore High School

“I really like the way that you are able to organize things so easily and specifically into the Extemp App. It is really easy and I love the fact that you can create a practice round within the app itself and it will time you and everything. It’s really nice, and I love using Prepd. “


Student, Lincoln High School Debate Team

“I consider myself to be a organized person bent on work efficiency. Thankfully, Prepd offers the best program available that goes beyond my expectations. The Chrome Article catcher has been a life saver for getting the articles I want from all over the web. And the Prepd team realizes that people like to change their organization. Editing, Merging, and Changing folder categories is all a breeze. But the best thing is, Prepd is always looking to get better, with constant updates offering new additions, such as the automatic web attachment. Any extemper could benefit significantly from using Prepd. “


Student, Saint James School

“My team is only a few years old, yet we have managed to be extremely competitive on the local, state, and national level. I can honestly say it has been thanks to Prepd. As Captain of my Extemp team, I can easily manage who adds articles in a certain week, thanks to the Library App, and who I need to work with given their activity. Functions as simple as the ability to highlight important information has made competing at tournaments so much easier because everything I need is readily available. I can’t think of any other filing method that is more efficient than Prepd. “


Student, Reyes

“The Extemp app makes it very easy to put together a large bank of information, on a wide range of subjects. Classifying information is fast and easy, and it guarantees you’re prepared for any question! “


Student, Aberdeen Central Speech/Debate

“Prepd has greatly increased my efficiency in Extemp rounds. In addition to the ability to easily drop articles into individualized folders, it has allowed me to be more efficient, and concise in my prep time. In preparation for rounds it has enabled me to line up, read over, and easily find the name and date of articles in a fraction of the time it took me with other programs. The system is easy to navigate, and is incredibly helpful in, and out of the round. It tracks the articles dropped per week, month, and season, and provides an accurate break down of where the articles have come from. This has been particularly helpful because it shows me what sources I need to drop more from. The demographics provides great incentive to drop more articles than teammates. I would recommend Prepd to any team who is looking for a simple, easy to use, efficient extemp prep system.”


Student, Paradigm

“Coming from an international background, it was obvious how international extemporaneous speaking was my area of expertise. With Prepd, I was able to organize the entire world into an online file, and search for articles with simply the click of a button. Prepd has made the world of extemp so much easier for me and my teammates, from being able to file in seconds, to being able to find the same file through simply searching one word was absolutely amazing. From economic issues in Iran to European elections and African fishing habits, Prepd has made all of these international issues and topics much easier to sort out and organize. My freshmen year, there were 5 people on the team, and our coach was brand new. With her help and her introducing Prepd to us, the team has greatly expanded and being an extemper has never been easier. Through Prepd, I can file hundreds of files and still be completely able to keep track of them all. “


Student, Palisade High School

“Prepd for Extemporaneous Speaking has made the overall process of researching current events, of which there are always many, easier to do. Because of how fast Prepd can file articles, there is more time, even in the last few minutes before a round, to actually read and understand what those current events are. The search function makes it easy to find a relevant article quickly during the crucial minutes of prep time. The overall layout of Prepd is user friendly and helpful to any speaker. “


Student, Ruston High School

“There is no better feeling than going into a prep room with nothing more than a laptop, yet still knowing still that you are just as prepared as anyone else carrying around a 50 lb evidence crate.Prepd allows you to rest your muscles and use prep time effectively. Not only is catching articles as easy as clicking two buttons, finding and retrieving caught articles is a breeze as well. Extempers know that 30 minutes goes by very quickly when preparing a speech, and a simple, easy, yet tournament legal database with potentially thousands of articles is something that too few people get to experience. Prep time is meant for researching and preparing, not fiddling around with file folders, bulky binders, and largely irrelevant magazines.Prepd solves all of this, and more.“


Student, Northwest Career and Technical Academy

“There is no better feeling than going into a prep room with nothing more than a laptop, yet still knowing still that you are just as prepared as anyone else carrying around a 50 lb evidence crate.Prepd allows you to rest your muscles and use prep time effectively. Not only is catching articles as easy as clicking two buttons, finding and retrieving caught articles is a breeze as well. Extempers know that 30 minutes goes by very quickly when preparing a speech, and a simple, easy, yet tournament legal database with potentially thousands of articles is something that too few people get to experience. Prep time is meant for researching and preparing, not fiddling around with file folders, bulky binders, and largely irrelevant magazines.Prepd solves all of this, and more.“


Student, Skiatook HS

“Prepd has been such a great resource for me to use. During my extemp rounds, it allows me to easily access all of my files quickly and efficiently so that I can write much quicker than using any other program. It also allows for me and my team to see our progress as we read so that we can improve as a team. The Fast Catch is super easy and convenient to use for storing articles. It just makes our lives as extempers so much smoother. Prepd’s question creation system also allows the team to challenge ourselves in new ways and makes practice that much easier. Additionally, Prepd’s Congress app has made Congress rounds easier to manage. I can store all my speeches and keep track of what I need, and I can also monitor other people’s positions and speeches in round to make sure that I am asking the right questions. Overall, I would strongly recommend Prepd for all of your speech and debate needs.“


Student, Westlake High School