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The Library is a unified research hub

The Library consolidates a debate team’s entire collection of evidence into a single, streamlined application. The Library’s evidence management system is useful for any debater, irrespective of any specific debate event. Researching is easy and your evidence is organized. All of your files, in one spot – that’s the Library.

What types of files does the Library support?

The Library stores news articles from the web as well as PDF files.

Is the Library its own, stand-alone application?

Yes, the Library is separate from any other Prepd app. You can log into the Library by visiting

How does the Library affect Prepd’s other apps, namely Extemp and Congress?

The Library does not eliminate Extemp or Congress. Rather, the Library is a technology platform that supports Prepd’s family of applications.

Extemp and Congress are now apps that “run on top” of the Library. By pulling from the Library’s file repository, Extemp and Congress share common files – that way, if something happens in one app, it gets synchronized across all the apps (e.g., a student highlights article content in Extemp, and the highlights appear in Congress).


When would I use the Library instead of Extemp or Congress?

How you use Prepd’s apps is entirely up to you. That said, we imagine that students will prefer to compete with Extemp and Congress (because of their event specific “Round” interfaces), while preferring to research and read with the Library.

Can I incorporate the Library into regular classroom activities?

Yes, absolutely. Any classroom activity that involves online research can use the library to organize its files. We encourage teachers to use the Library for non-debate activities and to share their experiences with us!