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Quickly save web articles with Fast Catch

Fast Catch is a Chrome extension that saves any web article to Prepd with a single click. It’s easier and faster than its predecessor, the Article Catcher.

How do I get the Fast Catch browser extension?

Visit Fast Catch on the Chrome Web Store. Select the “Add to Chrome” button in the top right to install Fast Catch to your Chrome browser.

Where does Fast Catch save the article? Can I add articles to Extemp and Congress?

When you launch Fast Catch, it automatically saves the opened web article to the Library.

Once the article is caught, Fast Catch will then present the option to add the article to Extemp folders/subfolders and Congress dockets/bills. To save to Extemp from Fast Catch, click on the orange timer icon. To save to Congress from Fast Catch, click on the blue gavel icon.

You can also save an article to Extemp and Congress through the Library itself, in case you don’t do so through Fast Catch.

How will I use Fast Catch if I have multiple Prepd accounts?

When you first log into Prepd through Fast Catch, you select which Prepd account you’d like to save the article to. If you want to change accounts, simply log out of Fast Catch, log back in, and select a new account.

Can I read the web article while Fast Catch is working?

Yes. You can scroll through and click on the page, and Fast Catch will continue to function.