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Quickly and easily upload PDF files

With Prepd Generation 3, you can upload PDF files through the Library. Once a PDF file has been uploaded, you can then save it to Extemp or Congress.

Does Prepd change the formatting of the PDF file?

No. Unlike previous versions of Prepd, which tried to extract the raw text from the PDF file, the new PDF experience preserves the full format of the file – images, colors, charts, text, sources, etc. It’s all there, just like the original file.

How do I upload PDFs?

To start the process, simply drag and drop a PDF file over the Library’s Article Feed. You can also select the PDF icon from the far left, vertical navigation bar.

Once you’ve provided the file, you will then be asked to enter information about the article. The PDF will be saved once the information is submitted.

What information do I have to provide to save the PDF?

You will need to manually enter the following information:

  • – Article Title
  • – Original URL
  • – Publication Name
  • – Article Author(s) (optional)
  • – Publication Date

Can PDFs be synchronized to the Offline App?

Yes. Although, please note that due to their large file sizes, PDFs can considerably slow down the Offline App’s synchronization process, especially if your team has saved lots of PDF files. You also have the option to “selectively sync” (i.e., only sync web articles, or only sync PDF files, in case you are short on time or have a weak internet connection).