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Memorize important facts, collect and study memories

It happens all the time: you read an article and interesting facts are jumping out at you. Sometimes, you memorize the facts right then and there. Oftentimes, you keep reading and eventually forget. With the Memory Bank, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these learning moments. Save the important content and review it later. Memorize and master it.

How does the Memory Bank work?

When you are reading an article and you want to save an interesting fact, simply highlight the relevant article content. The highlighter menu will appear. Next to the highlight button, in the middle of the menu, is an icon of a brain – that’s the Memory Bank.

When you click the Memory Bank icon, Prepd will ask you to enter a question. The question is something that you write and it is answered by the content you highlighted. For example, you could enter the question, “What is America’s unemployment rate?” if you had highlighted article content that read “America’s unemployment rate is currently 5%.”

Once you’ve saved the question and answer, an entry is created in your Memory Bank. You can visit the Memory Bank by selecting the brain icon from the left, vertical navigation bar in the Library. From there, you’ll be able to review a list of all your memories as well as study flashcards.

Can students share memories with each other?

For the moment, memories are private to each student. After conducting user interviews, we felt that students would be more comfortable using the Memory Bank if their entries remained private. That way, students could freely study whatever they want without fearing judgment or feeling the temptation to judge.

We are, however, open to revisiting this product decision and making memories shareable in the future.

Will the Memory Bank work offline?

Yes. The Memory Bank will be available in the Library component of Prepd Offline. However, students should not open their Memory Bank while they compete, as memories may be considered a pre-written speech and a violation of competitive rules.

Will the Memory Bank work on mobile?

Yes. If a student has a smartphone that runs the mobile Chrome browser, she will be able to open the Memory Bank and study her memories.

Can coaches use the Memory Bank as well?

Absolutely. Both students and teachers can build a collection of memories. Moreover, teachers will be able to review their students’ memories and monitor their study habits.