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Enhance, enrich, and augment your vocabulary

It’s a simple fact: The more you read, the more words you see, the fancier your vocabulary. A well-developed vocabulary isn’t only useful for debate rounds and standardized tests, but also, well… who doesn’t want to speak more good?

Prepd helps you speak more good by making it easy to lookup word definitions while you read. Whenever you define a word, Prepd automatically adds the word to your Vocabulary List – where flashcards and study lists make it easy to review.

How do I use the Vocabulary List?

Whenever you read an article and see an unfamiliar word, highlight that single word. In the middle of the highlight menu that appears, there is an AZ icon that opens a pop-up containing the word definition. Once you’ve finished reviewing the word, you can close the pop-up and trust that the word has been saved to your Vocabulary List.

What information appears in the word definition pop-up?

In most cases, you will see the following:

  • – A pronunciation guide
  • – An audio recording
  • – Up to three definitions
  • – An example of the word used in a sentence
  • – The original article and sentence from which the article was sourced

Sometimes, certain entries may be blank. This happens when the third-party dictionary services that we use do not have the needed information.

Can I look up a word definition but not save the word to my Vocabulary List?

Yes. Once the word is defined, select the “undo” button at the bottom of the pop-up and the word will be removed from your Vocabulary List


Can students share vocabulary lists with each other?

For the moment, saved words are private to each student. After conducting user interviews, we felt that students would be more comfortable using the Vocabulary List if their entries remained private. That way, students could freely study whatever they want without fearing judgment or feeling the temptation to judge.

We are, however, open to revisiting this product decision and making vocabulary entries shareable in the future.

Will the Vocabulary List work offline?

Yes. The Vocabulary List will be available in the Library component of Prepd Offline. However, students should not open their Vocabulary List while they compete, as this may constitute a rule violation at certain tournaments.

Will the Vocabulary List work on mobile?

Yes. If a student has a smartphone that runs the mobile Chrome browser, she will be able to open the Vocabulary List and study her word entries.

Can coaches use the Vocabulary List as well?

Absolutely. Both students and teachers can save words and use the Vocabulary List. Moreover, teachers will be able to review their students’ vocabulary entries and monitor their study habits.