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Team Management
For Prepared Debate Teams


Team Management
For Prepared Debate Teams


Team Analytics

Gain insight into the activity of your entire team. A line graph visualizes article filing trends. A publication chart identifies the most common news sources. Moreover, you can specify date ranges and download activity reports as Excel files.


Roster Management

Manage the members of your debate team. Invite new students to your team by sharing your Team Key or sending email invitations. In the future, we’ll introduce roles and permissions to distinguish between “Captain,” “Varsity,” and “Novice” debaters.



User Profile

Each member of your team has a profile that visualizes his or her unique filing activity. From the user profile, you can sort through a list of articles that the student has recently caught. You can edit your own profile through the user settings page


View the latest articles caught by any member of your team.


Prepd tracks each Extemp round that a debater creates: the topic question and the articles used in every round are saved and then visualized in the user profile. After a tournament, round information will display once you re-synchronize Prepd Offline.


A student receives credit for reading an article by selecting the “Mark as Read” button and then completing one of five comprehension exercises. Reading activity, such as the article’s grade level and the completed comprehension exercise, is displayed in the user’s profile.



Settings and Billing

Through the Dashboard, easily adjust Prepd application settings (e.g., purge old articles en masse, or toggle on/off the weekly activity emails for coaches and students). Also, the Dashboard contains a billing panel for managing individual or team subscriptions.



“With Prepd our team gained the ability to better “see and manage” our files. We know exactly who is filing, when they are filing and we can track progress in building effective files. Coaches also get tools which make them more effective in encouraging students to file. Compared to our former dropbox system, Prepd is easy, fast and efficient!”


Director of Forensics, Battle Ground Academy

“I am very impressed with Prepd. The app addresses several issues associated with building and maintaining a competitive extemp digital filing system. The software provides a convenient and intuitive manner for researching articles and organizing files so students can focus more time on giving speeches. The data tracking aspect of the software also provides coaches with better insight for preparing their students for competition. This is a great tool for any extemp program looking for a better way to manage its files.”


Coordinator, Fine Arts North East ISD

“Our squad loved using Prepd this year! Catching articles was quick and seamless. We were able to do more research much more quickly. I could actually focus on coaching because the Prepd report tools made the administrative side so simple. The students loved the offline tool and had no trouble synching or accessing research at tournaments.”


Debate Coach, Olathe South

“Prepd was an indispensable tool in my last few years of competition. As the manager of my team’s files, it’s data tracking allowed me to easily monitor my teammates’ activity. When building a file, I was never worried about overcrowding or disorganization, a concern that frequently came up before my team used Prepd software. In major tournaments, Prepd’s Article Catcher allowed me to swiftly and easily update my files in between rounds to prepare for the next topic area. Perhaps most importantly, Prepd’s in round search mechanism and “add article to round” features made it simple to sort through massive amounts of information and access the most topical and specific pieces of evidence. Overall, I would recommend Prepd to any competitive Extemper.”


National Champion in USX at NSDA Nationals 2016, Tulsa Washington HS

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